Pumps & Tanks

We think all aspects of your job are equally important. That means not just connecting and plumbing-in a water tank or grey water diverter but also painting pipework, repaving or installing your irrigation.

And we'll be there to help longer-term too, both to fix up any problems or to provide scheduled maintenance to ensure your system keeps working perfectly in the years to come.

New Homes

If you're designing a new home then incorporating water-saving features as early as possible offers a better, more effective outcome at a lower cost. Our experience is that clients find it very worthwhile to have someone cut through to what’s feasible with their house design and budget.

If you plan on collecting rainwater the starting point is how much space we can find for a tank and how much water could be collected given your roof layout. That tells us what it's feasible to supply with tank water. We can help you or your builder with a detailed design that's "just right” for your specific home and needs.

Most of us have some garden, and it will need to be watered. Using grey water reticulation makes sense for gardens over 15sqm, and making your new home grey water-ready is not only very sensible but costs relatively little. Plan for the necessary additional pipework at the pre-lay stage, even if the system is only completed and activated at a later stage, as it's often difficult to add later.

Existing Homes

You may want to save water, or perhaps just stop excess water flooding your property. Whatever you want to address, we'll look at it from every angle and develop a solution that considers optimum function, space efficiency and visual harmony. There is rarely a single 'right answer', but a range of options that can be adjusted to meet your needs and budget.


Every home is a little different, and no two homeowners are looking for exactly the same thing. We are independent specialists with many years of experience in domestic water conservation. As we're not a manufacturer, we're able to select the most appropriate products in the market for your specific needs.


We are proud to be agents and/or recommended installers for most Vic water tank manufacturers.  We offer a wide range of tanks for all kinds of application, both domestic and commercial, and can customise them to meet your exact needs.


We normally install the rainwater tanks and grey water systems that we sell, but our services also include install only.


What size tank should I install? How much water will I save? Is this option better than that? We can carry out detailed modelling of the efficiency of various solutions for your home to identify the one that makes the most economic sense for your needs.


Our service includes advising on all permissions and if necessary obtaining a Building Permit or Planning Approval for a rainwater tank - as a rule this only applies to tanks over 5,000L or large rural tanks. 

A greywater system requires a Permit to Use from the local authority. In a number of metropolitan areas this is free or subsidised. The application process requires a demonstration that the system complies with public health regulations, and we will take care of all parts of the application including on site inspection of the completed system.