New Installations

Benefits to installing a sprinkler system include the following:

•An automated system ensures takes guess work and reliance on memory out of the equation

•A well designed sprinkler system ensures that all your plants are properly watered

•Reduce the risk of losing plants to over-watering or under-watering

•A garden that fulfills the vision of your well-designed landscaping

•Cost savings and convenience: no more hoses and sprinklers to drag around and store

•Healthier lawns, trees, and flower beds

•Save water (a professionally-designed automated sprinkler system can significantly reduce the amount of water lost to run-off in inferior installations)

Right as Rain Maximise your sprinkler system investment by getting our professionals involved from the start. Our experienced landscape designers and CAD irrigation designers will evaluate your property (taking probable future growth and development into account) as they form a plan for irrigating your property.With a decade of experience in the industry, Right as Rain is your go-to provider for cost-effective, efficient and long-term landscape irrigation. We are here to help you get your new sprinkler system up and running quickly. We’ll also be here for the long run to take care of any maintenance or repair services that you might have.