Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is efficient because it directs water at the root system. Far less moisture is lost to wind and evaporation, or wasted on non-plant areas.

The benefits of an innovative drip irrigation system include:

•Efficient watering:

 water is delivered slowly, exactly where needed – at the root of the plant.

•Cost Effective:

 since the water spends less time on the surface, less is lost to evaporation – savings on your water bill.

•Discourages weeds:

 the soil between the target plants remain drier, discouraging weed growth.

•Improves Growth: 

The slower delivery of water provides ideal growing conditions.

•Environmentally Conscious:

 Saves Water – drip irrigation systems use between 30 – 50% less water than conventional watering methods


it is easy to modify or adjust the drip irrigation systems as the garden matures

•Right as Rain has extensive experience installing drip irrigation systems. Our experienced team can get your system up and running quickly. Additionally, Right as Rain has a method of doing drip irrigation installations with minimal impact on your existing garden and property.